My year of 2018

I vividly remember New Year’s Eve 2017 – laughing my way through the night in a so authentically British underground comedy club in Soho, after a mouthwatering Japanese meal accompanied with endless glasses of ice-cold Sancerre in Sticks and Sushi in Covent Garden. Life was good to me and I was good to life. But something was missing.

2018 has been a truly crazy year with very high highs, very low lows and no middle ground. The World has kept turning upside down with the never-ending Brexit chaos, Trump blimps and terrorist attacks so I decided to binge-watch Netflix originals with my Thai take-away instead. I left the job I had never thought I’d leave and here I am today: on a high-profile 9-to-5 whilst running a blogging business I absolutely love. A year ago today I didn’t think it would ever happen.

So what would your 2018-self say about you? Were you treating yourself well? Did you make the most out of life? Were you happy?

What I learnt this year is that happiness comes in different doses and lots of alternative forms. It can come as a loving boyfriend, a new hobby, a ticket to Sri Lanka or a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara. You chose your happy so make sure you chose wisely.