Why should you blog in English?

“Can I or should I write on my blog in English, even if it’s not my primary language?”

This question comes up quite frequently in online marketing, by a lot of different people and for a lot of different reasons. The internet united most parts of the world – and the most common language is English. Content in the English language is by far the most consumed content on the web. And, like it or not – English is a language that is used in business all over the world.

And if you are taking blogging seriously, then it is a business relationship you are forming – a business relationship between yourself and your readers. The readers take the role of the consumer.

Why Are We Blogging In English?

First is the market: if you want to reach potential clients then you need to enable them to understand what you write – and the only way to do that is to write in a language that your target audience understands.

The second reason is the audience itself: Yes, in this case, audience and market are not the same. The audience is the general crowd that is interested in what you write, (hopefully) learns something from what you have to teach and maybe shares your content with others. Your market is the part of your audience who actually has the money and the need or is at least willing to hire you. Your audience consists of people willing to consume your content. Widening your audience to an international crowd does not only increase your potential readers – it also increases engagement and interaction tremendously.

Switching to English from Hungarian

That fact is whilst you stick with Hungarian your maximum potential reach is about 11 million people. As soon as you switch to English you can talk to more than 1.6 billion people (the number of English speaking people using internet daily). As the country becomes more and more important in Europe with tourism and real estate booming, to maximise your sales potential you want to talk to the international crowd.

Make sure you run a website in English with a corresponding blog to keep your audience entertained and educated about your product and the lifestyle that comes with it. Switch to English today, give it a bit of time then start enjoying all the benefits that come with engaging a wider audience.

It is a no-brainer, isn’t it?