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Hotels, restaurants, holiday homes or travel destinations all have one thing in common: they have an astonishing story to tell. In their search for the niche people want a place that sets their soul on fire. If we don’t tell them where that place is, who will? 


As a streetwear industry professional I developed an unconditional love for sneakers. Having spent the last 7 years talking, writing, presenting sneakers, apparel and jewellery the fashion and beauty industry is my home away from home.


Having worked with a large group of hotels, brasseries and restaurants as a Blogger – besides being hungry all the time – I am specialised on hospitality, food and restaurant reviews. My cravings led me from London to the Middle-East, Asia, New York, Paris, Berlin or Milan. Tasting new flavours is not just a simple experience; it is a piece of culture, hundreds of years of tradition or a rise of a new era so let’s make sure you tell your story the way it should be told. (With passion.)